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Thursday, February 10, 2005

You want random? I'll give you random...

So here's something that's been bugging me. I've got a John Kerry for president 2004 sign in my front yard. After the election was all said and done, I was still so pissed that Bush actually won (he had a mandate, no less) that I decided I was going to leave my John Kerry sign in the yard for the next 4 years in protest.

It's what now...February? The sign is still there, and looking pretty sharp, I must say.
It's one of 'em plastic ones so it doesn't get torn to hell in the rain and I'm quite impressed that the colors are still so blue. And, Anyway, ignore all that. The sign is there. Now.

I was walking up my front steps last night, and wondering to myself what other people think when they see that sign still in my yard. Do they see it as:
1. the defiant act of a pissed off American that I meant it to be?
2. a sign that I am a very lazy person
3. the last stand of a sore loser?

I mean, I see 'Dukakis for President' stickers on cars and can't help but chuckle. Poor Mike Dukakis. He comes from a swarthy people. Anyone remember that SNL skit?

OK, I digress. The amazing thing to me is that no one has fucked with the sign. Maybe it's because you have to really want that sign. You have to go up a bunch of steps and walk into my yard to maul poor John Kerry.

I just don't think I can bear to fold up little John and throw him away. In my little mind it's akin to admitting defeat and I can't do it. Please, someone come over to my house and do it for me, will you? Save me from myself.


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